Sexual Health

What is good sexual health?

  • Feeling good about yourself
  • Having the knowledge, skills and ability to protect yourself and your partner against sexually transmitted infections  and /or unwanted pregnancy
  • Feeling comfortable about your sexual orientation and feeling accepted
  • Being able to choose to have sex or not to have sex
  • Good sexual health is free from exploitation, oppression, and physical or emotional harm

Services available at Queen Mary University of London

The Student Health Service provides confidential advice on Women sexual health and contraception.  

They can advise on safer sex and reducing the risks from HIV and other sexual transmitted diseases.

They also offer free condoms and Chlamydia Testing.


For other related issues, please visit  the Advice and Counselling Service.

Other services available around Queen Mary University of London

Other Sexual Health Clinics around Queen Mary may offer a wider range of free and confidential services like the Emergency contraceptive pill and various STD tests.

These can be contacted whether you think you might have a sexual infection or simply if you want to be checked for peace of mind.

Visit the Barts Sexual Health Service to find out your nearest centre. 

Other useful information on sexual health information and support

If you have been the victim of sexual assault, please contact the Advice and Counselling Service or The Haven Whitechapel (Sexual Assault Referral Centre).

For general information on how to be sexually healthy, please visit the NHS.

To test your knowledge on sexual health

To find out how much you know about having a safer sex life